Dosage and administration

As with all other medicines available on prescription, when taking Levitra you should follow the instructions given by your doctor or as set out in the notes included in the box. Always ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain anything you do not understand. If taking this drug proves a success (which it does in slightly more than 85% of men who take it), you may be tempted to sing its praises to your friends. Talking about this drug is not a problem, but you should not give your tablets to anyone for them to try. The fact that you can take this drug without a problem does not mean that others will be so lucky. Let them seek proper medical advice before taking this medication.

Levitra is supplied in tablet form as 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg doses, which should be taken without food between twenty-five and sixty minutes before you anticipate sexual activity. If it does not produce an erection the first or second time you use it, consult your doctor to see whether you should try an increased dose. You should use Levitra with confidence. In a clinical trial involving about 4,400 men, Levitra produced an improved erection among 85% of the participants the first time the drug was taken. But do remember that Levitra does not produce an erection on its own. An erection is only produced when you experience satisfying sexual stimulation. One of the reasons why men sometimes fail to get an erection is the fear of failure.

If the erection comes but is painful or lasts for an unnaturally long time (a condition called priapism) you should get in touch with your doctor immediately or go to hospital on an emergency basis. A failure to take action in these circumstances may result in your penis being permanently damaged.

In general terms, there are no requirements about eating. But, if you take a pill after eating a big meal, Levitra may be slightly slower than usual to produce its effect — the quantity of food in your stomach slows down the process of absorbing the drug into your blood stream. You should not crush or chew the tablets, but swallow them whole with plenty of water. The usual safe starting dose is 10mg and the normal expectation would be to take one tablet as and when required, and not more than once per day, i.e. you should wait for 24 hours between doses. Some men prefer to establish a routine of taking one tablet every day. Should you forget to take a dose, never double the next dose to “catch up”. It can be dangerous to exceed the daily dose.

As to storage, you should keep the tablets at room temperature in an airtight container. Avoid excess heat and moisture (so do not keep Levitra in the bathroom) and keep it out of the reach of children. As soon as you decide to stop taking Levitra, you should throw away any unused tablets. Similarly, you should dispose of any tablets that are out-of-date. If you are worried about safety in disposing of any drugs, ask your pharmacist.