Talking to your partner

You are almost certainly in a reasonably stable relationship. For these purposes, it does not matter whether you are married. If you have begun to find sex a problem, this will also have affected other parts of your life. Your relationship stopped being just about what happens in the bedroom after the first few months. It was very important. Perhaps it should still be. As it stands, your stress levels may be building up. Your self-esteem and self-confidence are in decline. This all makes you difficult to live with.

Most of the men’s magazines offer the easy advice that you should open up and start talking about it. You could ask a “professional” (a doctor or therapist, of course), but the most important person to talk to is your partner. Unfortunately, the magazines are right. You may not like the idea of talking about your sexual performance with anyone else. It is humiliating to have to admit you are not quite the man everyone thought you were. But the problems are not going to go away if you ignore them. In fact, your partner has already noticed your difficulty and your relationship is going to come under real pressure if you do not discuss it with her.

You must recognise that Levitra is not the answer on its own. You could buy Levitra online but, even if it restores you to full power, that success is not going to answer the questions she has (and you ought to have) about why it happened in the first place, whether it means something else is seriously wrong with you, and why you will not talk about it. The longer this silence goes on, the more likely she is to feel left out of the loop and that is ultimately going to be destructive.

It is in everyone’s interest that you begin to explore your own feelings for her. If you re-affirm your commitment to her as your partner, as the person you turn to when you are in trouble, then she will become a part of the solution. You can rebuild the trust. The relationship will grow strong again. Whether you take this step is a judgement call. For all your faults, does she still love you? Will she react sympathetically when you do start talking? Assuming the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you have to put your fear to one side.

The statistics suggest that about 1 in 10 men experience some degree of sexual dysfunction at some point of their lives. You are not unique. Impotence in general and erectile dysfunction in particular are medical conditions. Modern technology has come up with some good treatments. But all that doctors can do is to treat the body with highly effective drugs like Levitra. Only you can cure the relationship of its ills.