Levitra: How a popular drug works

Levitra has the most beneficial effect in maintaining the erection

What is the principle of action of Levitra

The principle of Levitra is based on inhibiting a chemical that causes the outflow of blood from the penis, returning it from the state of erection. To understand how Levitra works, it is necessary to understand the very principle of the erection. When a man is sexually stimulated, the transmitted neural signals cause the release of a chemical, leading to an increase in blood flow in the penis. In the ordinary state, blood does not flow in such big quantity into the cavernous bodies of the penis. When stimulated, the flow of blood along the arteries fills the penis, squeezing out the outgoing veins, creating pressure and erection. The reverse process occurs when those chemicals are destroyed by another substance in the body called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5).

Levitra inhibit this PDE-5, due to what substances responsible for the appearance of an erection are preserved, thus, the muscles of the penis do not narrow. This allows the blood to stay, keeping the pressure longer, thereby maintaining the erection.

How quickly it will work and how long it will last

The time it takes for a pill to act can be different for different men. During the research, the pills started to act within an hour. Often, men see the start of Levitra’s work within 30 minutes. The duration of the action may also vary, but, as a rule, it is 4-5 hours.

When and how it can be taken

Levitra should be taken if necessary 1 hour before sexual activity. But not more than 1 pill a day. It is recommended to take the pill with a glass of water. Levitra is resistant to food, so it can be taken with food, however, a large amount of fatty foods can reduce the amount of the drug in the blood, therefore, reduce the effectiveness and duration of the action.